How to Make iPhone Speak Caller’s Name or Number Featured

How to Make iPhone Speak Caller’s Name or Number

iOS 10 and above is deservedly called the biggest ever update thanks to hundreds of exciting features. No wonder the latest iOS ecosystem has outpaced its predecessors in terms of fast adoption rate. Whether it’s the fantastic Messages app, the redesigned Lock screen or the supremely improved Control Center, iOS 10 and above has got plenty to win you over.

There is a neat feature called “Announce Call” which has been designed for Phone app. Once enabled, it lets you have your iPhone announce who is calling when receiving a phone call. Your device will vocalize the name of the caller based on the caller ID. In case the phone number is not in your contact list, it will tell you that it’s an unknown number. Here is how it works.


How to Turn on “Announce Calls” on Any iPhone device (iOS 10 and above)


Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone → Scroll down and tap on the Phone app.

Tap on Settings Then Call in iOS 10 on iPhone

Step #2. Under Calls, tap on Announce Calls.


Step #3. Now, you have to specify in which condition your smartphone should announce callers.

There are four options:

1.Always: Let your iPhone announce calls always.

2.Headphones & Car: Only when you are in the car or using headphones.

3.Headphones Only: Only when you are using headphones.

4.Never: Never let your iPhone announce calls.

In this test, we are going to choose Always.


That’s it! From now onwards, your iPhone will always announce incoming calls.

Later if you changed your mind and no longer want your iPhone to announce the incoming calls, simply follow all the steps mentioned above and select Never in the end.





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